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Short Biography

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Short Biography

Born the 23rd march 1970 in Montpellier, nomadic artist, she is sharing her time between the Camargue, the Provence in the south of France and India, where she has lived for several years. From 1995 to 2005, she was the President of her company La Feria, in fashion and design business in Paris and New Delhi.

In 2010, she radically changes her life and wonders about her world.

Through several workshops at the Rencontres d'Arles, and continuing education at the National School of Photography in Arles, she is refining her photographic identity.

Today, still, she devotes herself to author photography and tries through it to fix her history, her memory and her territory, while questioning her intimacy as a woman.


"As a wild animal ready to colapse, I become a photographer by instinct !


I'm from here and there and the need to rethink my relationship to the world in relation to the cultures I'm dealing with, probably explains my need for eclecticism in artistic production because my photographs are as much about documentary, street photography, personal diary, or some more elaborated forms, that can be shown inside some specifics devices or installations. My artistic practice is building up along my journey as I travel to differents parts of the world.

My photographs are born of my wandering, they try to bring out the invisible wounds of India, Provence and Camargue. They are also, hollow, a way to hang a reality that sometimes escapes me. Dyslexic and suffering from a ADHD (attention deficit), I realize my images to fix a world that disappears from my memory. It is a question of intimacy and the absolute necessity to take photographs ".